The Anaheim Packing House – What You’ll Find

Anaheim Packing House

You’ve probably heard of Anaheim, California without even knowing it. Anaheim is one of the most famous cities in southern California, and is home to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and the Anaheim Angels. Located only blocks away from Disneyland, the Anaheim Packing House is a trendy, unexpected hidden gem. It can be described as a glorified food court, but it’s home to the largest array of restaurants you can find in the area.

Farmers Park Anaheim Packing House
Farmer’s Park near the Anaheim Packing House

Restaurants in the Anaheim Packing District

The building is actually a restored Sunkist Packing House, and specializes in finding vendors that only use local and sustainable ingredients. The Anaheim Packing District is not to be confused with the Anaheim Packing House, though. The Packing District includes the Packing House, as well as other, surrounding restaurants that have the same trendy atmosphere.

Anaheim Packing House
Anaheim Packing House

Restaurants in the Packing District tend to be sit down restaurants or outdoor venues, rather than the communal, fancy food court feel of the Packing House. Restaurants included in the Packing District, but not the Packing House range from the famous Umami Burger to a cute macaron food “truck” housed in a vintage Airstream trailer called Honey and Butter. Umami Burger was founded in 2009 and has multiple locations in the area. They specialize in gourmet hamburgers, and make their own ketchup from scratch. Honey and Butter is one of the first unique vendors you’ll see when you enter the Packing District. Running out of an old Airstream trailer, Honey and Butter sells macarons for every taste, from Oreo to Fruity Pebbles, and more!

Umami Burger Anaheim
Umami Burger

Getting to the Anaheim Packing House

The Anaheim Packing House is not too far from Interstate 5, one of the main highways in the area. Because it’s located so close to Center Street and a local museum called Muzeo, it won’t be hard to find the Packing House during your trip to Anaheim. There is parking behind the Packing House, but it fills up quickly—much earlier than the Packing House even opens at 10:30. Luckily, there is a convenient (and free) parking structure only a couple blocks away.

Honey and Butter Trailer Anaheim
Honey and Butter Trailer

Getting Around in the Anaheim Packing House

The Anaheim Packing House is, as mentioned earlier, a glorified food court. Now, when we think of a food court, we often picture a messy, crowded room full of serving trays and used napkins. The Packing House, however, is the complete opposite of that.

Far too often, we spent more time figuring out where to go eat with our friends than we do eating good food. To remedy this problem, the Anaheim Packing House is redefining the convenience of food courts. At this trendy destination, you’ll be able to order practically anything you’re craving at one of the many restaurants, take it with you to one of the many stylish dining areas, and eat with your friends. This will allow everyone in your party to find something they’d like to eat, taking away the stress that comes with agreeing on a plan.

Anaheim Packing House
Anaheim Packing House

At the Anaheim Packing House, you can dine in comfort, enjoying your food in a variety of dining spaces, from counter-type seating that overlooks the ground floor from above, to large cushions near the stairs, to tabletops filled with decorative lemons! Everything you experience in the Anaheim Packing House is a little unexpected, in the best way, which adds a lot to the overall trendiness of the place.

The Packing House opens at 10:30, but many of the vendors do not start serving food until 11. This little break between doors opening and being able to purchase food is a great chance to explore the building and see what new cuisine you might want to try.

Inside the Anaheim Packing House
Inside the Anaheim Packing House

Restaurants in the Anaheim Packing House

At this fancy food court, you’ll have access to all the food you could possibly be craving. California is a bit of a foodie hotspot, and Anaheim is no exception. The Packing House goes far beyond classic food court standards, presenting you with real, local restaurants, that allow you to experience all of the unique cuisine Anaheim has to offer.

Both floors of the Packing House are, well, packed with food vendors, ranging from deserts to more upscale restaurants. The Packing House’s 20 sustainable vendors are spread across the two floors of the building, and even include a shop by the door on the second floor, in case you want to get something other than food.

First floor Anaheim Packing House
First floor of the Anaheim Packing House

The ground flood is a unique foodie experience with an open layout for dining. Here, you’ll find an interesting array of foods, from French inspired delicacies at Crepe Coop to a wine bar at BXCR: The Underground Wine Society. On the ground floor, you’ll find restaurants like Cook’s Chapel, a restaurant and event space, and The Kroft, a restaurant specializing in your comfort food favorites. The ground floor of the packing house definitely has less restaurants than the top floor, and allows for more of a restaurant-like feel.

Black Sheep Grilled Cheese Bar in the Anaheim Packing House
Black Sheep Grilled Cheese Bar

The top floor of the Packing House has a much larger selection of smaller restaurants. This floor definitely has a more communal feel, while the bottom floor is great for a more intimate experience. This section of the Packing House has everything you could possibly be craving. The top floor features restaurants like The Chippy, a trendy, sailing inspired fish restaurant and grill, and Han’s, a homemade ice cream bar. From smoothies and photogenic shaved ice creations at I Am, to Indian cuisine at Pandor, to a grilled cheese bar called Black Sheep, the Packing House is known for exceeding expectations.

Both floors have something amazing and unique to satisfy your cravings, and your social media feed. Nowhere else in Anaheim has more photogenic food than the Anaheim Packing House, and with the creative and unique atmosphere the building creates, you’ll surely want to order more!

I Am Smootihies and Snow Cones
I Am Smootihies and Snow Cones

And while you’re exploring, make sure you don’t miss the Blind Rabbit, a hidden speakeasy featuring a wide selection of wine, beer and spirits as well as classics like pork belly and slow cooked pork ribs.

At the Anaheim Packing House, you’ll be surrounded by Anaheim’s history, as well as amazing food and a creative atmosphere. It’s a great place for taking a break from that busy, Anaheim hustle, and it’s the perfect place to eat with your friends, family, and everyone in between.

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